"Courtney is a jewel...her smooth mezzo-voice was seamless...

MARY JANE DOERR / Bay View Association

What students are saying...

I’m beginning to sound like a singer.  Courtney has certainly built up my confidence and with each song I sing my voice and my breath gets stronger and stronger. I also noticed over these past few months that my asthma is getting better. I like Courtney’s style.  She will demonstrate how to make your song stronger and more in tune if you are out of tune.  When you start to hit those notes you couldn’t hit before, believe me it’s like floating on a cloud.

 S.K., age 73

I've been taking lessons from Courtney through Zoom calls and I've improved and enjoyed learning from her. She is a great teacher, always positive and pushing me out of my comfort zone. She's really nice.

H.M., age 11

Courtney is a fantastic teacher - her understanding of the technical/physical aspects of singing allow her to correct habits in a way that isolates the issue and catches every symptom of the problem, every time it comes up. With such a great ear and grasp on tools to advance her students, lessons with her are always engaging and encouraging because you as the student experience so much progress. In addition to her masterful explanations, knowledge of repertoire, and flexibility to teach across style and genre, Courtney is a lovely and kind person who holds an inspiring space for her students where they can grow as artists and as people.

L.G., age 24